Hand-Embroidery Supplies Shopping List

Hand-Embroidery Supplies Shopping List:

I've taken the time to create a print out for a simple beginner hand-embroidery supply list. I will walk you through each supply so that you understand why each tool is essential. 

    Let's start with Embroidery Supplies:

    1. Embroidery Hoop - The size is up to you. Go big or go small. The hoop is for stretching out your fabric/canvas when you are stitching your pattern. It keeps the fabric straight and taut. 
    2. Embroidery Needle Assortment - When first starting out, I recommend getting an assortment of embroidery needles. This way you can play around with different sizes and strands of floss. 
    3. Embroidery Scissors - This is actually pretty optional. You will want a small and sharp set of scissors (any size, usually 4") to keep with your supplies but any set of fabric scissors will do the job. They are used to cut the thread. 
    4. Skeins of Embroidery Floss - The thread for embroidery is called floss. It comes in hundreds of colors. Your local supply store should have a great selection. Pick your favorite colors or select the colors that your pattern calls for. Embroidery floss comes in strands of 6. You can use 1 strand or all 6 - depending on preference/pattern. 
    5. Choice of Fabric - You can hand-embroider on all types of fabric: denim, cotton, linen, silk, canvas, leather, felt, and more. The most common fabric that hoop art is embroidered on is cotton. (My personal favorite is Kona Cotton.) 

    Pattern Transfer Supplies

    1. Lead Pencil or Transfer Marker - You will use your pencil/marker to trace your pattern on to your fabric. With the pencil you can erase any marks that are still visible when you are done. With the transfer marker you get the fabric wet and rinse the ink off. 
    2. Window or Light Box - In order to transfer the pattern, you may need a light source behind the pattern and your fabric. You can use a sunny window or a light box. 

    Watch this video here for more information and instruction. 

    Framing Supplies 

    This supply list is for those who are framing their embroidery work inside their embroidery hoop. 

    1. Scissors - You will be using your scissors to cut your fabric short enough to glue it inside your embroidery hoop. 
    2. Glue - You will use your choice of glue (tacky or hot glue) to glue the fabric to the inside of your hoop. 


    Click on the picture to print out the hand-embroidery supply list to take with you to your favorite local craft store. 


      About Kayla:
      In the fall of 2014, thanks to Instagram, I absolutely fell in love with hand-embroidery. I’ve always had a love for arts and crafts but something about hand-embroidery just made my heart skip. Around the same time, I also found out that I was experiencing a molar pregnancy and ended up needing an emergency hysterectomy. During my recovery, I decided to finally start living a full life. My old-soul-lover-of-knitted-sweaters-and-vintage-floral soul that I used to embarrassed about is finally blooming. I’m not completely sure what held me back before but you’ve officially been warned: Kayla is an old lady and loves it!

      Hand-Embroidery has turned out to be my craft therapy. And I want it to be yours too. I receive endless messages asking me to show my techniques. Ask and you shall receive. If you have anything specific that you would like to see then leave a comment below.

      Happy Stitching,