Hi! I am Kayla, owner and creator of Knotty Dickens.

Knotty Dickens stands for my favorite stitch, the french knot, and also my last name. It is also my initials. My husband put it together and we had a good laugh, as I'm sure you can imagine. Haha. Still makes me chuckle when I say it out loud. 

I am officially 30 years old.

I’ve lived a lot and have a whole lot of living to do.

I plan on letting God use me in all ways to share His glory.

Random Facts about Kayla:

  • I love sunshine and believe we all need to see it every single day – in all it’s forms.
  • I live in San Diego but grew up in the hot and high desert of California.
  • I have a thing for chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream.
  • I love iced-tea but hold the lemon.

I am a believer in an awesome God who has a greater plan than I can see. I am the wife of a good man who loves me. I am the mother of a daredevil who is ready to take on the world at the age of 6. I am also the mother of my precious 4-year-old identical twin girls.

I also love all things that can be made with a needle and thread.

And did I mention that I love flowers! I love seeing the all the chaos and magic of wildflowers. There's no doubt that my grandmother passed on her love of flowers to my mom, and then my mom passed on the love to me. Flowers for life! 

While I might be best known for my hand-embroidery work, my best work is everything I do as a wife and mom.

All items are handmade with love from my home in San Diego, California.

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A little more about me:

In the fall of 2014, thanks to Instagram, I absolutely fell in love with hand-embroidery. I’ve always had a love for arts and crafts but something about hand-embroidery just made my heart skip. Around the same time, I also found out that I was experiencing a molar pregnancy and ended up needing an emergency hysterectomy. During my recovery, I decided to finally start living a full life. My old-soul-lover-of-knitted-sweaters-and-vintage-floral soul that I used to embarrassed about is finally blooming. I’m not completely sure what held me back before but you’ve officially been warned: Kayla is an old lady and loves it!

Knotty Dickens has bloomed into a place where I get to be creative, support my family, and do what I love… all while glorifying Christ. Without Him none of this is possible.


Romans 8:28