Wildflower Embroidery Hoop Design


You are about to get started on an embroidery hoop that has a lot of detail. You can purchase the pattern here. Believe me, you’ll get tons of compliments.

This pattern is for PERSONAL USE only. 

Here are a list of stitches that we used. Click on each stitch for a video tutorial. 


Where to start?

I suggest starting with the text first. I use back stitch for my text.

Back Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Wildflower Embroidery Hoop
















For all my flowers, I start with the flower first and then add the stem.

Petals—satin stitch. Do the middle petal first then the sides.
Stem—straight stitch. Just connect it to the bottom and add some straight leaves.

Light Pink Flowers
Flower—straight stitch (form a circle by layering the stiches.)  Stem—back stitch.

Petals - lazy daisy stitch. Start at the top and fan out. Stem -straight stitch. Petals—lazy daisy stitch.

Flower Embroidery

Yellow Flowers

Petals—lazy daisy stitch  (Stitch the petals in a circle and you can add as many petals as you wish. I didn’t add pollen on these flowers but you can by doing a French knot.)

 Roses Embroidery How To


Rose—woven wheel stitch. (When I use the woven wheel stitch, I make a 5 pointed star and then weave the thread around the spikes. If you still have questions, I made a video on knottydickens.com demonstrating how to make this rose you’ll find it under “workshop.”)

 Lavender Embroidery Flower

Yellow Flowers

Stem—stem stitch.  Leaves—lazy daisy stitch.

*I always stitch flower, stem, then foliage.*

Wildflower Embroidery Tulip Flower

Rose Petals

Petals—satin stitch. Stem—straight stitch.

If you don’t like using satin stitch, take a look at needlenthread.com and there are many different leaf options.

 Woven Wheel Rose Embroidery

Here’s a close-up for you.

Don’t forget to make sure that all of your flowers have stems. ;)

 Daisy Embroidery How To

It’s time to start filling in some of those spaces.

White Flowers—

Petals—5 pointed straight stitch flower. Stem—back stitch.

Dark Pink Flowers -

Petals - lazy daisy stitch. Stem -straight stitch.

Flower Embroidery


Remember you can email me at knottydickens@gmail.com for any questions that you have.



Sunflowers -

Petals - fly stitch. Pollen—Satin OR French knot. Stem –chain stitch. Leaves—satin stitch.

For the sunflower petals, I actually layer my petals on top of each other. Do a bottom layer and then a top. 

White Daisies

Petals - lazy daisy stitch. Pollen—Satin OR French knot. Stem –straight stitch. Leaves—lazy daisy stitch.

Light Pink Flowers

Flower—straight stitch (use tiny straight stitches and slowly form a circle by layering the stiches.)  Back—for the stem


you are finished!  Make sure to tag me at @knottydickens so I can see all your work!